Brett Ewing interviewed by BNN

The Federal Reserve isn’t expected to hike rates tomorrow, but Brett Ewing, Chief Market Strategist at First Franklin Financial Services says that he sees the Fed raising rates in December if Hillary Clinton wins the U.S. election.

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Brett F. Ewing Quoted in Financial Times

With the latest Fed minutes released today we saw much of the same thing we have seen throughout 2016. Excuse after excuse on why they must wait to raise rates. This is a smart tactic to push expectations on something most in that room don’t want to do until they are entirely sure of a stable world situation. Expect more of the same until after the election.

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Brett F. Ewing Quoted in Barron’s

The September meeting rate hike has undoubtedly been put back on the table because of the impressive labor results, but we continue to feel that the Fed will postpone a rise in the funds rate by citing continued concerns from Brexit and the longer term weakness in the labor market conditions index.

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